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Insultex® House-Wrap is a closed-cell foam composite that provides a protective layer under a home’s outer covering and over the sheathing. Insultex® House-Wrap resists water and air infiltration, but allows moisture vapor to diffuse helping to prevent mildew and mold buildup, which could lead to the rotting of wood.


What makes Insultex® House-Wrap different from other house wraps is the fact that it offers an R-Value. The term R-value is often used when talking about insulation and the qualities of a certain insulation material. Basically it is the measurement used for thermal resistance in terms of heath transfer issues. The measurement unit for the R-value in SI system is K*m2/W. When using this unit the R- value often is expressed if the value is for example 3. 345 RSI- 3.345 or in a simpler version R3.345. The non-SI measurement is R = ft²•°F•h/Btu.


The R-value is calculated by using the thermal conductivity which is marked with k and by using the thickness of the material which is market with a t. The formula for calculating the R-value is R= t/k. Using R-value for comparison the insulation material per millimeter of thickness is mostly used for conductive and convective heat transfer and it cannot be used for radiant heat transfer.


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